The OMG Art Hub continues at OMG it’s small! Where Sea to Sky artists come together. In case you didn’t know, the OMG Art Hub showcases established and emerging local painters, designers, and sculptors. This October, we are so lucky to have two amazing local artists exhibit their work, Jace Kim and Taka SudoTaka and Jace have previously collaborated on label artwork for local brewery Hypha Project and we are so thrilled that we can present these two artists side-by-side at the OMG Art Hub.

Jace Kim’s journey began in Korea, where he spent his formative years until the age of 15. He later embarked on an artistic odyssey that led him to graduate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Media Art with a specialization in animation. His early professional ventures took him through the realms of digital art and animation in various game and motion graphic companies. However, he soon felt the call to transition passionately into the world of traditional painting. Now, Jace has found his artistic home in Surrey and Burnaby, BC.

Jace’s artistic vision is a delicate dance between the figurative and the abstract. His canvas becomes a stage where diverse artistic mediums converge – oil, acrylic, ink, spray paint, and more. Within this abstract chaos, he weaves a tapestry of emotions that serves as a backdrop to the pure and refined portraiture he meticulously crafts. Each brushstroke, skillfully executed and charged with expressive energy, contributes to the unique aesthetic he seeks to convey.

His aspiration as a contemporary artist is a perpetual journey of transcendence, marked by his distinct ambidextrous style and techniques. Kim’s left hand embodies masculinity and exuberance, while his right hand is a paragon of finesse and articulation. When these two contrasting forces come together on his canvas, they engage in a sensitive artistic dialogue, a harmonious struggle where conflict gives birth to something truly extraordinary.

Find Jace and his artwork at the OMG Art Hub from October 1st to 31st. Please contact us to purchase and for availability.

A Conversation with Jace Kim

OMG: What was your inspiration behind the pieces in this exhibit?

Jace: My artwork serves as a vivid embodiment of my fundamental human emotions. Each painting is a tangible expression of my authentic experiences, conveyed through a blend of figurative and abstract technique. Within the realm of portraiture, I find a profound avenue to channel my emotions. Striving to render my art with the utmost subjective authenticity, I discover a sense of ultimate liberation, allowing my innermost feelings to flourish and connect with viewers.

OMG: Can you describe your creative process or technique and how you approached making these pieces?

Jace: My creative process often begins with spontaneous brushstrokes and the playful application of leftover paints in a free-flowing manner. As I immerse myself in this expressive journey, I seek to uncover a human presence within the canvas, as if I were engaging in a physical encounter. I paint anonymous individuals, each inspired by the essence of the moment. Then I weave subtle symbolism into the composition, drawing from elements like yin and yang, horoscopes, and more.

OMG What are your plans for future artistic projects or exhibitions?

Jace: I have been seamlessly integrating digital elements into my painting with a deliberate embrace of glitches as a concept, rather than avoiding them. I am excited to incorporate AI technology into my artistic process. My upcoming project involves creating a unique tarot card deck. Additionally. I am thrilled to be featured in a group exhibition at ‘Love More Tattoo’ this coming November.

OMG: Where else can we find your artwork?

Jace: My artwork can be found at Empty Wall Gallery on Granville Street. You can also book a private showing at my own studio or find me on my website and Instagram.