The OMG Art Hub is under full swing at OMG it’s small! Where Sea to Sky artists come together. In case you didn’t know, the OMG Art Hub showcases established and emerging local painters, designers, and sculptors.

This November, we are welcoming Dave Petko. Dave turned 53 recently and is still very much a kid at heart, making art and finding “play” in everything that he does. His main passion is painting. Over the decades, Dave’s artistic style has evolved dramatically from abstract expressionism to pop-art inspired bold, bright and playful colour combinations with imaginative caricatures; to dark, edgy and apocalyptic graphic-inspired themes and more caricatures; to colourful graphic landscapes reminiscent of Whistler; to adorable genetically modified land, sea and air critters that splash, dance and float across the page. Never the type of artist to take the easy way out and create the same thing repeatedly for years to come, where styles become stagnant and the viewer knows what to expect; Dave has been challenging his mind’s eye and expanding his creative vision with the curiosity and excitement of a kid in a candy store.  

Find Dave and his artwork at the OMG Art Hub from October 29th to November 30th. Please contact us to purchase and for availability.

OMG art hub DavePetko

A Conversation with Dave Petko

OMG: What was your inspiration behind the pieces in this exhibit?

Dave: My inspiration behind the pieces in this exhibit are the early Spring mornings, where I used to walk down to my local estuary and sip a nice hot black coffee and watch and listen to the birds sing their morning songs. It felt as if the birds were singing only for me.

OMG: Can you describe your creative process or technique and how you approached making these pieces?

Dave: My creative process is to pick out a few colours of spray paint, as well as a translucent white/gray spray paint, and a piece of card stock about 10 inches wide. I find a reference photo and start with painting directly upon a wood panel. No sketch, no other prep work, no plan. I “sketch” the basic shape of the bird, and then paint the basic background. Using the straightedge of the cardboard as a mask, I buildup details and refine edges until the piece is complete.

OMG What are your plans for future artistic projects or exhibitions?

Dave: My future plans for creative output is to create more murals in my neighbourhood in Whistler. I live in the industrial park called Function Junction and there are so many gray walls that could use a large splash of colour. I am currently working on a solo exhibit with 13 new pieces created using a special technique that is rarely used anymore.

OMG: Where else can we find your artwork?

Dave: My work can be found on my Instagram, my website,  as well at Olympic Plaza in Whistler, where I created and painted a 4×14 meter colourful mural. If you ever find yourself in Pemberton, BC I created a large mural beside the Health Clinic too!