Audacious Cabinet

Your mood cabinet – show and tell or hide and disguise
Audacious is a cabinet with personality designed as a place for displaying your favourite pieces.
Its special tambour doors slide around the edge of the cabinet, letting you choose how much of the interior you want to put on show. Change the position of the sliding doors to create new displays and uses. Design: Jonas Søndergaard

Manufacturer: Umage

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Dark Oak/Dusty RoseDark Oak/Dusty RoseDark Oak/Dusty RoseDark Oak/Petrol BlueDark Oak/Petrol BlueDark Oak/Petrol BlueDark Oak/Silver GrayDark Oak/Silver GrayDark Oak/Silver GrayDark Oak/Slate GrayDark Oak/Slate GrayDark Oak/Slate GrayDark Oak/Spring GreenDark Oak/Spring GreenDark Oak/Spring GreenOak/Dusty RoseOak/Dusty RoseOak/Dusty RoseOak/Petrol BlueOak/Petrol BlueOak/Petrol BlueOak/Silver GrayOak/Silver GrayOak/Silver GrayOak/Slate GrayOak/Slate GrayOak/Slate GrayOak/Spring GreenOak/Spring GreenOak/Spring Green
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