This September, we are so excited to introduce the OMG Art Hub! Where Sea to Sky artists come together. The OMG Art Hub shows established and emerging local painters, designers, and sculptors.

Our first exhibited artist is Ben Poechman. Ben was born and raised on a family run organic egg farm in the foothills of Southern Ontario. With big mountain dreams and a passion for snowboarding he headed straight for Whistler, BC. Ben’s creative focus has focused on moving from “what” to “why”. With this approach he finds new ways to bring about positive change through his work with different mediums like canvas, wood and stone.

Find Ben and his artwork at the OMG Art Hub from September 1 to 30.

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A Conversation with Ben Poechmen

OMG: What was your inspiration behind the pieces in this exhibit?

omg its small art hub ben poechman

Ben: The biggest inspiration for my work, are the trees here on the West Coast. They are grandiose in size, and boldly unique in character. One tree alone, is just a tree… But together they create a forest, that provides habitat for entire ecosystems. I often discover my muse subjects when out exploring old logging roads up the sides of the mountains. There, I’ll discover lone standing trees in the wake of a clear cut & become enthralled by the sheer brilliance of this life form. Thus, driving my portraiture approach to highlighting the individuality of a single tree.

ben poechman omg art hub

OMG: Can you describe your creative process or technique and how you approached making these pieces?
Ben: I often photograph my muse, and the surroundings. When generating a scene, I often pull pieces from the landscape and formulate my own vision & perspective in my head. Then, I use acrylics to achieve an accurate silhouette of my muse and get lost in the process of creating depth and dimension. The result is simply a painting of a tree, but the process is a transcendental experience of intimacy & flow.

OMG What are your plans for future artistic projects or exhibitions?
Ben: I have several plans & projects in the works, most of which are best kept secrets until fruition. In general, I plan to continue on this life path of creation and community. I deeply value the exhibitions as they are platforms to share expression, generate conversations & build connections.

OMG: Where else can we find your artwork?
Ben: Currently I have work in Pemberton at Mile One Eating House & Whistler at The Bunker and Fathom Stone Art Gallery in The Westin. You can also find my work on my website and my Instagram accounts: peakplane & soulboarder