Discover Stylish Modular Sofas in Vancouver for Ultimate Comfort and Flexibility

Are you looking for a versatile and practical seating solution for your compact space? Modular sectionals are designed with individual pieces that can be (re)arranged to create different seating configurations to suit your space and needs. The individual modules are smaller and more lightweight than a traditional sofa. This makes for an easier time when moving in and out of condos with small elevators or tight hallways. Modular sofas are a flexible, customizable and space-saving solution for your compact space. Come explore the options with OMG it’s small!

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Choosing the Perfect Modular Sofa for your Small Space

At OMG it’s small, our modular sofas come in a wide range of designs, styles, and colours. With us, you will find a collection that complements your interior decor! Whether you prefer the clean lines of the Mix collection, modern design of the Hip Hop collection or the chunky feel of the Circuit collection, we can find your a modular sectional that fits.

Our modular sofas are not only adaptable but also comfortable. Hardwood frames and high-quality cushions and upholstery make for a cozy and ergonomic seating experience.

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Mixing and Matching Modules for a Cozy Seating Solution

The great thing about our modular sofas is that they are highly customizeable! Mix and match different modules to create a sofa that perfectly fits your space, whether it’s a small condo or a spacious family room. Choose matching fabrics or leathers or mix things up to make it your own!

Add modular tables for a handy hard surface to place drinks and remotes. Mix in ottomans that can be used for additional casual seating or pulled out and used as a coffee table.

If you move to a new space or your family grows, you can easily expand your modular sectional by adding more modules. This makes modular sofas a great long term investment and bang for your buck.

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The Benefits of Modular Sectionals

With modular sofas, you can get creative with your furniture arrangement! Adapt the configuration for different activities, such as hosting a movie night, hosting guests overnight, or simply adapting to your changing lifestyle. Modular sofas are ideal for fostering connections and face-to-face conversations in your home, making them great for large gatherings and intimate family moments.

Small space? No problem. Modular sectionals can be configured to fit into tight corners or along walls, making the most of the available area.

Bring Home the Perfect Modular Sofa for Your Home

Many Vancouver furniture stores limit your choices by offering only a few styles, sizes and fabrics. At OMG it’s small, our modular sofa beds come in a variety of designs, configurations and upholstery options, ensuring that your sofa is both practical and stylish.

One of our most popular modular sofa collections is the Podium by Gus* Modern. We love it because it features seven modules that can be arranged in different configurations to suit any vision or layout. The frame is finished on all sides, meaning individual modules can also free float. The plush sectional features a low and deep sit that is perfect for any living room or family room. Choose from four different fabrics, from neutral whites and gray, to more bold blues and greens.

Our goal is to give you the flexibility to find the exact options you need for a modular sofa or sectional. Visit us today!

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Visit OMG it’s small today!

Discover the unmatched flexibility of modular sofa options at OMG it’s small! Our knowledgeable design consultants are ready to assist you in finding the ideal pieces to create your dream modular sectional. Shop for modular sofa beds easily online. These items are stocked in North America and ready for quick shipment across the province. Or make it your own by customizing your ideal modular sofa in the fabric, colour and configuration of your dreams. Check out modular sofa reviews online and get the perfect modular sofa for your home. We can’t wait to help you bring your vision to life!