Discover Gus* Modern: Crafting Contemporary Canadian Furniture Since 2001

We’re proud to be your premier destination for exploring the world of Gus* Modern furniture in Vancouver. From living rooms and dining areas to bedrooms and home offices, Gus* original designs embrace clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a harmonious blend of form and function. Infusing classic and contemporary elements, Gus* crafts timeless and modern pieces. Discover our curated collection for small spaces. Explore the contemporary and modern furniture and décor collection with OMG it’s small today.

What Sets Gus Modern Apart: Contemporary Excellence, Craftsmanship & Innovation

Gus* Modern knows how to nail the modern and contemporary theme while keeping things practical. Their furniture effortlessly mixes style with function, so it’s like they’re speaking our décor language. Whether you leant towards minimalism, mid-century modern, urban chic, or industrial-inspired spaces, Gus* pieces fit right in.

Gus* furniture isn’t just visually pleasing; it’s crafted for longevity. Each piece undergoes meticulous construction using premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship. Sofas, lounge chairs, dining tables, beds, desks, lighting, accessories – their catalog is an assortment of exceptional choices catering to various home aesthetics.

The spirit of innovation thrives here too. Gus* introduces fresh designs twice a year, constantly exploring new concepts, materials, and production techniques. And if you’re in Vancouver, OMG It’s small is your gateway to the world of Gus* furniture, where you can truly appreciate the designs firsthand. Step into the world of timeless design and quality craftsmanship!

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gus contemporary furniture vancouver

Gus Modern’s In-House Design Team: Crafting Unique Furniture in Toronto, Canada

Gus* Modern boasts an in-house design team dedicated to producing their own furniture designs. They take pride in their ability to conceive and develop inventive and distinct furniture pieces that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics, practicality, and top-notch craftsmanship.

Out of Toronto, Canada, the Gus* design team is committed to creating a diverse array of furniture items tailored to various living spaces and interior design preferences, encompassing sofas, chairs, tables, beds, lighting, and more.

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Sustainability at the Heart of Gus*: Pioneering Furniture Design for a Greener Future

Gus* is dedicated to sustainability, proudly holding the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification for responsible wood sourcing. We’re also thrilled that Gus* has designed a groundbreaking eco-friendly fill crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Their Vegan AppleSkin™ Leather is an environmentally and ethically conscious upholstery option that maintains the timeless appeal of natural leather. This unique material, designed solely for Gus* Modern and expertly manufactured in Italy, transforms remnants from the apple orchard and juicing industries into a luxurious alternative to traditional leather. Choose Gus* for sustainability and innovative design that aligns with global environmental concerns.

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In Stock, Let’s Talk!

Don’t want to wait forever for your new furniture? The entire Gus* collection is conveniently stocked and warehoused in Toronto, Canada and is ready for quick delivery. When you place your order with us at OMG it’s small, you can expect your new Gus* items to ship across the country in ~4-8 weeks. This is perfectly suited for projects with pressing deadlines.  If you’re looking for a contemporary and modern collection of upholstery and casegoods that is both stylish and efficient – think of Gus*!

Experience Gus* Modern at OMG it’s small

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Step into our showroom and discover the world of Gus* Modern furniture at OMG it’s small in Vancouver, BC. Our curated collection for compact living showcases Gus’ contemporary aesthetics, functional living, innovation and craftsmanship, from inviting sofas to room-enhancing tables.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you with any questions you may have about Gus* modern and contemporary furniture collection.

You can contact us via phone or email, or visit our showroom to see and feel the luxurious fabrics, quality materials and clean lines of each piece. With easy online purchasing options and BC-wide delivery, it’s never been easier to bring the style and functionality of Gus* Modern furniture into your home.

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