A Conversation Piece Chair

A Conversation Piece is an armchair that encourages relaxation and openness, unwinding and having a conversation with friends. It is ideal for use in the living room, as a corner armchair or as part of an extra lounge area. Its comfortable shape also makes it suitable for the bedroom or as an extra armchair in a nursery. The armchair’s final look is extremely flexible as the interchangeable upholstery is easy to remove and update.

Manufacturer: Umage

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Dark Oak/Dusty RoseDark Oak/Dusty RoseDark Oak/Dusty RoseDark Oak/Petrol BlueDark Oak/Petrol BlueDark Oak/Petrol BlueDark Oak/Silver GrayDark Oak/Silver GrayDark Oak/Silver GrayDark Oak/Slate GrayDark Oak/Slate GrayDark Oak/Slate GrayDark Oak/Spring GreenDark Oak/Spring GreenDark Oak/Spring GreenOak/Dusty RoseOak/Dusty RoseOak/Dusty RoseOak/Petrol BlueOak/Petrol BlueOak/Petrol BlueOak/Silver GrayOak/Silver GrayOak/Silver GrayOak/Slate GrayOak/Slate GrayOak/Slate GrayOak/Spring GreenOak/Spring GreenOak/Spring Green
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